Frequently Asked Questions


what happens in the 1 hour consultation?

This is a way for me to introduce myself and for you to get an idea of my creative process and what we'll need in order to make your video the best it can be! From there working with your wedding day timeline we can figure out how to make your day run smoothly and effectively. I'll toss you some tips with locations, time management and what works best for you, our team and the photographers.

What is a 4-7 min highlight video?

This highlights video consists of all the best footage your day has to offer! You'll get a bit of your preparation, ceremony, speeches and reception all creatively put together in order to make a memorable tear jerking video.

What is the Ceremony + REception edit?

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Our Ceremony + Reception Edit consist of multiple events that are professionally edited and mixed with crisp audio for you to relive your memories the way your audience did. Your folder is no bigger than 10GB in total and exported as an MP4 file which is easy to play on any electronic device and small enough to be transferred to friends and family. 



what's an instagram teaser?

If you have an instagram you probably have an idea of what these are. We create a memorable one minute video from highlights of your day for you to post on your Instagram and share with our friends and family.

why do i want raw footage?

"Where's my Aunt Dini?" The raw footage is a way for you to see any video we shot of the day that didn't make the cut. We try to make sure the most important moments are in your Ceremony + Reception Edit, Highlights Video or Teaser but because you'll have loads of guests its nearly impossible to see everyones face. By purchasing the raw footage you get a new hard drive straight from the box just for your footage and get to hold onto the good, the bad and the ugly.  If uncle Timmy is caught picking his nose you won't find it in the trailer but you will definitely find it in the raw footage! 

What are guest congratulations?

This is an additional a la carte video that allows for your guests to say some special words to you and your fiancé! We often film these at the end of the day once everyone has loosened up a bit and they're as entertaining as they are sentimental.  

do your cameras shoot high definition?

Yes!! All of our cameras shoot at a resolution of 1080p which keeps to our standards of High Definition! We use multiple Sony Cameras with high end glass in order to provide the best quality video our cameras can give. If you're curious about what other gear we use, please feel free to ask! 

where do you get your music from?

We use multiple websites varying from to and creatively seek out songs that fir your video best! We account for the price of licensed music in our pricing. 

what is the rustic flash drive box?

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Rather than having the family hard drive cluttered with random photos and files that you use throughout your daily life this Rustic Flash Drive Box is a devoted memory stick that holds all of your finalized wedding files; from your ceremony and reception edit to the trailer and teasers. Its an easy to store box that can be placed on your shelf and looks beautiful and aesthetically appealing to boot!